The machinima/movies were filmed by students in the virtual art spaces where students created the acting scenes. They acted with their avatars after customizing their avatars' appearances and outfits based on their proposals/storylines. Students also hosted real-time group events to role-play with guests and complete the storytelling in the interactive virtual art spaces.



2015F Portal Mix up trailer

2015F Portal Mix up group event (Post-production)

2015F Hyrita Apocalypse trailer

2015F Hyrita Apocalypse event (Post-production)

HIVE Movies

2012S HIVE movie #2 - Future Chicago + Event

2011F HIVE movie #1 + Social issues interview & virtual exhibit

2011F Event of Re-interpreting Storytelling Virtual Art Space (9:01)

2011 ArtE 343/543 Highlight Video (plus Fall)

2011S Social issues events

Student SL Group Projects at Art Café

2011F ArtE 343

Strange adventure

Wanted: The legend of Bill Miner

The Richard Mutt Case

2011S ArtE 343 Social issues

A wasteful world


2010F ArtE 343

Quest to life

2010S ArtE 683

A Participatory Eleusinian Mystery (Post-prodoction)

A Participatory Eleusinian Mystery (Trailer)

Cryptozoology Adventure

The Art Garden (Post-production)

The Art Garden (Trailer)

2009 ArtE 343



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