2015F UNO Art 3140 Computer-Generated Imagery I

The goal of this course is to introduce students to basic principles and aesthetic considerations of computer-generated imagery and interactive virtual spaces such as second life (SL). The totally re-designed course focuses on the use of computers as art media to generate 3D objects/forms and create spaces and navigable worlds as static, animated, or interactive 3D virtual art. The course exposes students to a variety of theoretical and aesthetic positions and encourages them to think of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual space building as an art-making process. 

This course applied an experiential learning approach to studying emerging 3D virtual worlds (VWs) as contemporary art and experiencing their embedded visual culture within the contemporary art platform. Students started with attending a variety of virtual events and taking virtual field trips to many unique art or non-art related sites and examined their theoretical, aesthetic, and practical applications. Then, students built their own 3D SL art objects/forms, created their interactive virtual art spaces, and designed visual/virtual experiences for avatars/audience. They also held two virtual exhibits in real-time events online and/or in a classroom setting. Students had opportunities to interact with their audience as well as to receive critiques and feedback in the local and/or global virtual communities. Particularly, students filmed the machinima (movies) in the virtual art spaces where they created the acting scenes. Students acted with their avatars after customizing their avatars' appearances and outfits based on their proposals/storylines. Students also hosted real-time group events to role-play with guests and complete the storytelling in the interactive virtual art spaces.

Art Project Examples

  • Machinima (Team)

2015F Portal Mix up trailer

2015F Hyrita Apocalypse trailer

  • Real-time event hosting in the group spaces (team)

2015F Portal Mix up group event (post-production)


2015F Hyrita Apocalypse group event


  • Static virtual art

  • Interactive virtual art

  • Interactive virtual art space 


  • Interactive virtual art space (Group)

Student Course Activities

  • Field trips



  • Building practice



Art 3140 Gallery 

 Building Practice

Event Images


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